This is a set of utilities and other code that I'm currently working on.

See here for a description of the statuses

Any web/html output will work with IE6 with all service packs applied. All other browsers, versions, etc. may or may not work. This is especially true for XSLT scripts.

Some code was found on the net and modified. I've tried to indicate this as best I can, there may be ommissions and apologies.

AStyleincompleteA C++/Java formatter
ClassesInCfrozensample C code showing a simple OO Class implementation
DB diffcompleteCompare two databases via ODBC
Dev. Utilitiescompletevarious utils to help with software development
ExternalScrollbarListBoxfrozena listbox with an external scrollbar
Faves to XMLincompletecreate an xml file from Favourites list, post on the web.
fsmgenincompleteAn automatic FSM generator
jContinuousBuildincompletePoor man's Continuous Build system
jPrettyplincompletePretty-printer for Perl
jBackupcompletea very simple backup system
jBowlingcompletebowling... why? Don't know.
jComHeapcompletechecks the COM heap for leaks using IMallocSpy
jConfigureVCincompleteConfigure VC7 proj files (.vcproj)
jContinuousBackupcompleteContinuous backup of directories
jConvertcompleteconvert line endings (dos to unix) in python
jDumpfrozendumps important information in a Java .class file
jEnvEditorfrozenedits the system and user variables
jFtpMirrorincompletemirrors a remote site with a local site via FTP written in python
jMailRPCcompleteemail-based remote procedure executor -- or-- email-based FTP
jMirrorcompletemirrors one directory to another
jNewlinescompletea utility to determine line endings used in a file
jPlayercompleteplays .mp3 files in a directory (or more)
jQwikiincompleteQWiki with enhancements
jWebServerincompletea simple C++ web server
jWebTestfrozenAn IE6 based web tester
jwikifrozenWiki-Wiki Web Server in Java
MD5frozenMD5 implemented in C++ (VC7.0)
Perl VC6 Add-inincompleteA VC6 add-in that runs perl scripts
RegDifffrozenA registry to reg file comparator.
SimpleXmlfrozenfront-ends to read simple XML formats
ResumeMasterincompletesend resumes, logs them, etc.
SignalProcessingincompleteSome Signal Processing projects
SourceMonitorfrozena slight modification of Doctor Dobbs Journal SourceMonitor.
spreadsheetincompleteWilliam Wakes TDD spreadsheet
W32ChatcompleteA Chat program with integrated robot
Win2K setupfrozensome registry tweaks for win2k
XML to Tree via XSLTcompletean XSLT script to convert an XML file into a Tree web page

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