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Install Arduino for Eclipse

Note: these instructions assume:
I originally installed Eclipse on Ubuntu 10.04 and have since migrated to 12.04.1. I originally used Eclipse 3.5 (Galileo) and Eclipse 3.7 (Indigo). And I used Arduino v22 with a DueMilaNove?. I have not double-checked that the instructions below are still working under 10.04, Galileo and/or Indigo, and with the Arduino v22. There may be differences in those configurations you will have to do on your own.

Install the prerequisites

These are instructions on installing the basic components to compile and Arduino from Eclipse. The ATMega? microprocessors are part of the AVR family and so require the AVR compiler to run. Eclipse is cross-platform, cross-toolchain IDE. The AVR plugin is used inside of Eclipse to run the AVR compiler and create binary images for the Arduino.

Install Arduino core

The Arduino core contains some common routines and initial configuration of the Arudion Atmel chips. This is normally created by the Arduino IDE sketch. In Eclipse it has to be explicitly created.

Some common activities

These instructions are useful for all Arduino projects.

Create a sample project

The simplest project is to blink the Arduino's on-board LED. Compiling and uploading this project will test that Eclipse, the AVR plugin, Arduino toolchain, the AVR compler and the project's the compiler/linker settings are all correctly set up, plus it also shows you the common steps you use when you develop a project on the Arduino.

Some test projects

These projects are good for exploring other Arduino capabilities.
Hook up an LCD to the Arduino
Hook up a DC Motor to the Arduino
Some other projects
TODO: These are under construction:
Additional sites Some additional sites related to Eclipse and Arduinos