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2012 ResumeResume has moved to the website/wordpress site
WordpressThe website/wordpress site
Public Hg codeThe website public Mercurial Repositories site
Latest and New Items- Contains latest and greatest C++, C#, ruby, DLL's, and perl scripts, you might find useful
Sample Code- Contains some DLL's, perl scripts, etc. you might find useful
Misc. Sample Code- Some other projects and source code. Might not be in a very good state
Unit Testers- Various unit testers in several languages (C#, C++, python, perl)
Ant Taskdef samples- Contains some Ant taskdefs you might find useful
Snippets- multi-language code snippets
Neural Nets- Some neural net sample code.
Articles and Misc. Development notes- Some miscellaneous notes on software development.
Hardware projects- Some projects requiring hardware.
ubu where are you?- a robot that can answer your questions. (temporarily unavailable)
Links- Various links on various topics
Blog and Public wiki implementation- My blog and Wiki for public use. Enhanced from the Qwiki implementation.

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